Driven by desire to innovate

Discover who we are and what drives us at CompEx to see that we’re the right partner for you and your business.

Innovative approach

At CompEx we don’t just sell products and develop template solutions. We take every client as an opportunity to create something new and unique, be it a simple web presentation or sophisticated documentation application.

We invent technology

Our thinking is not restrained to existing technologies, especially not to narrow area of web technologies. When developing a solution perfectly tailored for you, we think out of the box to come up with creative and innovative solution that will best achieve set goals. We’re not afraid to make up our own technologies on the go.

Rich experience

Since 1995, we have come across all kinds of clients with sometimes peculiar needs, always striving to be ahead of others, offering cutting-edge products and solutions. Our experience enables us to quickly recognize patterns, problems and processes and to address them with ideal solution.

Eric Zajdel, a roofing contractor thought there must be an easier way to communicate with clients and vendors for project management in the field.

“I knew there was a need to be able to tie out geo locations, pictures, video before and after to document project activity at these locations. I also knew that these tasks need to be able shared in a simple format.”

What we came up with is a unique business platform that changes the way people perform, track, share and document job task directly from the field – JobDoc.

Meet Aram

Compex’s president and CEO Aram Kovach.

“Most of us dream of an idea and it remains an idea. Aram would dream of something and turn it into a product” says Ed Bourne, Operational Excellence and Business Transformation executive at The Pursuit Group.

Aram founded Compex in 1995 to set a base for supporting his ever creative mind incessantly conjuring solutions to any problem present around him. Since then the Compex facilitated many businesses and organizations their journey towards sucess by providing innovative technological solutions. Aram’s unsatiable creative hunger drove him to invest into his own projects of various kind realized through Compex. Many successful services and products were born.

Meet others

Gabriel Ronai

Senior Developer

Gabriel is a multi-skilled developer that can hanble just about any technology.

Milos Brnkalak

Senior Project Architect & Manager

Milos likes people. His unique talent enables him to take a complex concept and make it really simple and clear.